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Dangerous Games Overview

People often ask me what “Dangerous Games” are all about so I decided to give an Dangerous Games Overview. I play different characters in these episodes. My members and fans rated them with ** or even *** stars. I want to offer high quality content in a wide range.

DG 1 **

As a business woman wearing a sexy black dress and an even sexier open-crotch Wolford pantyhose I spend some time at a hotel bar in Zurich and make sure the guys see the room number of my key.
I do not have to wait long up in my room…

Read more about Dangerous Games 1 here.

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DG 2 ***

As a call girl I got precise instructions before what to wear and to do.
I am not allowed to speak the whole time and have to show my beautiful face and sexy body, especially booty to him.

What follows is one of the most intense sex I ever had.

More about Dangerous Games 2 you can see here.

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DG 3 **

He was huge! That’s what I remember most of this hot adventure in London. I wore a black dress and stockings and seduced him sitting next to the bed. He then lifted me up and did what he wanted with me.

More about Dangerous Games 3 you can enjoy here.

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DG 4 ***

I am a Latex Domina and call my two bodyguards over in Prague.
I want to have some fun with them. First I dominate them and then they have to please my sexual desires. I want to get fucked hard and long from behind – and that’s exactly what happens.

More about Dangerous Games 4 is here.

DG 5 ***

I am french maid and should tidy up the room but instead get lost in the bathroom playing with myself.

Short before I have an orgasm while masturbating the guys are coming back and I rush to the door, but it’s too late. I get punished extremely hard. This video is very explicit and shows rough sex scenes which might offend some people.

Read more about Dangerous Games 5 here.

DG 6 **

I am in a restaurant in Prague and get a message. A meeting is arranged fast and you can be part of it. You see me sucking the guy in the whirl pool before I get nicely fucked.

DG 7 ***

I drive to my date late at night and do not know what awaits me. Wow, I have to kneel naked on the floor and he fixes my legs to a machine which starts to fuck me intensely from behind. At the same time I have to suck the guy.

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DG 8 ***

I perform as Latex Domina in a classic session playing with the guy, getting him hard and horny but not letting him cum. Is this also your phantasy? Then arrange a meeting with me. I am really good at this.

DG 9 ***

I am a Domina and have a special game in mind. I first do not allow my slave to get hard and that was already almost impossible for him.

So I have to punish him. I put a cock ring on him and a chain and start the hard punishing inside.

He has to kiss my ass and tell me how beautiful I am and then I start to masturbate while I keep using my whip on him.

More about Dangerous Games 9 is here.

My VIP members can enjoy all these episodes in the VIP lounge.
You can also talk to me about Dangerous Games Overview and the episodes on my Fan Centro.

The introduction of episodes 10-12 is coming soon.

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