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The 2nd episode was produced 2009 in London and is based on a true story. Also in this episode the male actor was an amateur. This could for sure also happen to you 😉

Watch the sfw trailer:

I played a callgirl who got precise instructions before what to wear and to do. I was sent by taxi first to Harrods to pick up my complete outfit which were selected and reserved for me to try it on. A black Wolford dress, black Wolford stockings, a pair of black high heels and a Swarovski necklace. Then I had to come to the hotel room, which was left open and walk slowly right in front of my client without speaking a single word. I had to lift my dress and show him my pussy, turn around and show him my ass for at least 3 minutes. I was not allowed to speak the whole time. He started talking what he would do to me. He said he picked me because I had a beautiful face and the kind of booty he liked. He wanted to enjoy my body and especially my ass.

Then I had to walk out of the bedroom and kneel in front of the door and wait for further instructions. He told me to lick his cock, sit on his face till I had an orgasm and then he would start to fuck me doggystyle everywhere, on the chair, on the floor, at the table, next to the bed and then finally on the bed.

He really fucked me so intense that I needed some breaks in between which were quite simple but also exciting. He had me walking with my dress up and showing my body to him before we continued the intense doggystyle action.

He was a real booty, stockings and high heels lover. During all the episode I was wearing the black stockings and high heels. At the end he wanted to come on my stockings.

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 2_13

who can watch this movie?

Producing this movie was as much fun as the 1st episode or even more since I like London a lot. You can enjoy it and 7 more episodes in FULL HD as a VIP member. The VIP-Lounge is a free bonus for my long-term members. Six months of membership are required to get upgraded. You can also buy the immediate upgrade if you don’t want to wait.

The whole outfit for this episode were presents. Some of my fans keep sending me nice gifts from time to time. Have a look at my wishlist.

Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 2_2215_r

Francesca Felucci – Dangerous Games 2_2215_r

I like to get fucked from behind really hard and long. can you see how much my booty is wobbling? enjoy the mobile previews below and then become a vip member and see all episodes in full hd.

casting for my next movies

Do you want to be in one of my future productions? Send me an email and attach photos of your face, body and cock. I will produce 4 more episodes of DANGEROUS GAMES and DARK DESIRES. More about it soon in my next postings.

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  1. Tim 18. March 2017

    As always: highly erotic

    We met in Prague and London [so you know my face, body, and cock 😉 ]

    I’m in Paris till June. Are you likely to visit here?

    • Francesca 18. March 2017 — Post Author

      Sorry, no plans to visit Paris in the near future.

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