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There is a black book in which I write down my ideas and phantasies that could be used to create movies. My plan was to produce a total of 12 episodes of DANGEROUS GAMES. 8 are already made and 4 more will come in the near future.
Since my personal thoughts, wishes and phantasies are in these stories you have a “real life feeling” when you watch these episodes. I did not want any resemblance to the kind of movies I acted in before. No, these movies should reflect my own phantasies as a woman.

My first self produced movie

It was fun to pick the outfit myself and I decided for a tight black dress, black WOLFORD stockings and black high heels.

Dangerous Games - Episode 1
Dangerous Games – Episode 1 – The Outfit

The 1st episode was produced 2009 in a hotel in Zurich. The male actors were amateurs and when you watch the movie you feel as if this a real story that could also happen to you.

The DANGEROUS GAMES season has started.

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The Business Woman

I played a business woman who wanted to do something a bit crazy after work. I got dressed and went down to the bar to have a drink. There were two guys sitting at the bar and some more in the chairs around. I could feel their eyes everywhere on my body. I decided to sit between the two guys at the bar and placed my key so they could easily see my room number. After some small talk they were surprised to find out that I was a business woman. They probably thought I was a hooker trying to get some clients.

It turned me on how they stared at my boobs with erect nipples cleary visible through my tight black dress. I put the dress quite high above my knees so my legs could be seen. They made jokes about a woman like me should not be alone in her room. I played along and put my dress up even higher. Before I left I said that maybe I would leave my door open and we all laughed.

Well, I was pretty sure that at least one of the guys would follow me up to the room and that’s what happened. He came inside, stood at the table and looked at me pulling my skirt up all the way, opening my legs and starting to masturbate slowly.

I pulled his trousers and underwear down and started to suck his cock. We went to the bathroom and I could see the other guy from the bar coming in the room, closing the door and looking at us.

Dangerous Games - Episode 1 - Blowjob in bathroom

On The Bed

I returned to the room, laid on the bed and spread my legs wide and played with my pussy. Then I turned around and showed them my ass. They both were wanking their cocks hard.

Dangerous Games - Episode 1
Dangerous Games - Episode 1
Dangerous Games - Episode 1

When I took of my dress and started to pose on the wall, I could see that they especially liked my ass so I gave them a good show with some butt shaking. I asked who wanted to fuck me first?

I leaned over the bed and said “I want one of you to fuck me hard from behind first”.

Dangerous Games - Episode 1

The 1st guy asked me to come over to the table and he started to fuck me nicely from behind and then he gave it to me hard laying on the table. I got so horny that I needed to masturbate on the bed and then I sucked his cock.

Dangerous Games - Episode 1
When I’m satisfied I like to suck the guy off completely

Who can watch this movie?

I had a lot of fun producing this movie. You can enjoy all episodes in FULL HD as a VIP member.

The VIP-Lounge is a free bonus for my long-term members. Six months of membership are required to get upgraded. You can also buy the immediate access to the VIP Lounge if you don’t want to wait.

In case you don’t want a subscription and just want the content of this episode, you can get all photos and the FULL HD video on BentBox.

Casting for my next movies

Do you want to be in one of my future productions? Send me an email and attach photos of your face, body and cock. I will produce  more episodes of DANGEROUS GAMES and DARK DESIRES.

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