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Why I started my own productions

It was important to start my own productions. Let me explain you why.

The influences

Some movies I acted in had a real story, good camera work and lighting and it was fun work. Such productions influenced me more than I realized. Inside something started to develop, the wish to be creative and independent.

One movie I liked a lot was produced by Marc Dorcel (see some screenshots below). After shopping at a market for oranges a stranger started to follow me on my way back to my apartment in Paris. In the house entrance he came closer and it started …

Pornochic – Marc Dorcel

This movie had quite some impact on me and I wanted to act in similar movies. In case you would like to watch or download this movie here is the link: dorcelclub.

On the contrary I sometimes was in very simple and super low budget productions. Still, even then outfits and looks were important for me so I tried to make the best out of it, e.g. in My Deep Dark Secret, a POV movie (see below).

Movies were focused on different markets like e.v. POV and most consumers were looking for simple products. They just wanted to get stimulated and have satisfaction fast.

The Bigger Productions

The bigger productions were different, filled with lot’s of intense action but the sensuality was missing like e.g. in the pornshop gangbang below. There I was wearing a light blue slingshot and high heels only. What mattered were my titts, ass, pussy and mouth so the 3 actors could “fuck my brains out” in all kind of positions. Many people have seen this one and liked it a lot.

Ass Obsessed 4

Even more intense was the movie where I acted as a maiden, which got “punished” for not cleaning well. A rather simple story where outfits did not matter at all but the incredible intense gangbang fucking. This became one of the most liked porn movies.

Cum Filled Asshole Overload 2

FCS – Fully Clothed Sex was another speciality and as the name says the actors left the clothes on (more or less). They tried quite hard to pay attention to the outfits but did not care enough about the stories. It still had quite some much influence on me.

You can download these episodes on

The Decision

While acting  I imagined how the finished movies would look and I had sometimes the feeling that it should turn out great. Unfortunately I was very often disappointed when I saw the final product. I also realized more and more that women were just used and even put down. Respect and admiration for female beauty was lacking most of the time.

I came to the conclusion that I had to write down and use my own ideas and phantasies and start to produce my own content. This was not an easy step but I wanted to create movies and photos which represented more what I really wanted to show. I was many times told “what a great porn actor I was” but felt too often just like a sexy puppet who simply had to go as good as possible through intense hardcore scenes with one, two, three or even more guys. This dilemma could only end if I quit completely with the porn industry and that’s what happened about 8 years ago.

Of course this did not mean that I would be from now on behind the camera … but I started to control the “what and how” and this new role in my life was not only good for me personally but also the quality of my work improved significantly. Finally I could use different materials like latex, leather, spandex and styles like 80’s or ultra modern just to name two. I was able to make my erotic phantasies come true by being e.g. a stylish dominant lady or a crazy bitch. Roleplays I always liked and now the time came for me to be whatever I wanted in front of the camera.

The consequences

To be more in control is great but to manage all what is necessary help was needed in form of cooperations. To produce content photographers and filmmakers were needed and to design and manage a website (with a CMS, content management system) a webmaster.

Most of all though I need the support from my fans. Not only Facebook likes or Twitter followers, no I need sign-ups to my members area!!

In times where social media is dominating the internet this is not an easy task. Many people don’t realize that producing high quality content is expensive. Selfies is not what I offer. I produced 9 movie episodes of “DANGEROUS GAMES” and 4 of “DARK DESIRES”. Aslo many hours more of FULL HD videos and hundreds of photo shootings in great locations.

In the next posts I will introduce you to some of my movies and photos and we will start with my self-produced 1st episode of “DANGEROUS GAMES”.

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