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Palermo Workout

I have bookings for photo shootings for a gym in Palermo. All I have to do is to simply work out and the guys take photos and a video.
Palermo Workout is based on a true story.

I’m wearing a sleeveless white catsuit and black sneakers. The catsuit is tight and a little see-through and therefore, I like wearing it at lot. When I start working out the men can’t get their eyes off me.

I’m turned on and therefore, my nipples are hard and quite visible. I can see that the men like the way I look and this makes me feel good.

They seem to be most interested in my booty. I can see the guys very well thanks to the many mirrors all over the gym.

After the photos a short video is taken. The men notice fast that my cameltoes are well visible and keep staring at me. I can see that they are hard and I’m pretty sure that more is about to happen.

It is no surprise for me that they want to take more photos another day with a different outfit – a black stringbody and high heels.

Find out what happensin the shower after my workout.

Find out more about my next shooting below.

I’m ready for the next shooting!

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Enjoy below the 2nd adventure (continuation) with me!

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