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I was young and needed the money

You probably know that some famous celebrities experienced the same when they were young. Just to name a few who started their career in the adult business: Marilyn Monroe, Cameron Diaz, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Sylvester Stallone, Kim Kardashian, Sasha Grey, Kevin Costner, Madonna. They all probably said “I was young and needed the money.

The temptation to make money is there and it seems quite easy. You get offered money and you do what is wanted from you. The images from the shooting below have therefore even a kind of autobiographical background for me.  Although it was not as shown in these images you can get an idea who it is usually done. You can enjoy all 190 photos in my members club.

Francesca Felucci - I was young and needed the money
I was told to act as a hooker on the street.
I had to accept the guy’s offer
and take him to the apartment
There he offered me even more money if I do all what he wants
And again, I accepted and started to play with his cock
He wanted me to suck him
and he even fucked my mouth
He then grabbed my hair
and started to fuck me hard from behind

No Way Out Anymore

So, a “model” has to fulfill the wishes when she got paid. There is no way out anymore.

I had to sit on him, ride his cock
and show my ass to the photographer and the rest of the crew

They always wanted to see my booty and as you know that’s one reason why I got quite famous.

They really put their cocks deep in your mouth till you gag and sometimes can’t hardly breathe anymore.

Sucking dicks of producers and actors is pretty common in the business
and the guys even want you to smile while it is most of the time hard work

At the end they wanted to fuck me again doggystyle. In this shooting they maybe overdid it when they offered me more money while the guy was fucking me hard from behind. I had no choice but to accept that he could cum on my face. It’s a standard in porn productions but they also wanted this in castings so you get the jobs.

After you got all cum on your face you had to look to the camera and smile although you probably did not feel like it at all.

The adult business is not like the consumers experience it.
It’s a tough business!

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