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Ultratight – My first VOD (videos on demand) now online!

It feels like a second skin and is tighter than latex. You probably know I’m talking about “spandex”. The company from Germany has a huge variety of leggings and other outfits made of spandex. They sponsored leggings in different styles and colors for my shootings with Karl Louis from Switzerland.

I wear in every-day-life and in special shootings booty leggings, which emphasize my butt and cameltoes.


So far it was not possible to enjoy full-length and FULL HD videos of me wearing these booty leggings unless you bought a membership. I’m glad to announce that you can now rent/buy three FULL HD videos on demand. Click below and check them out!

It can’t get any tighter – have fun!

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  1. JoeJoe 5. September 2017

    hmm ultratight gives ur booty such a a hot n kinky shape. And your cameltoe !!!!

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