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How I became a famous pornstar

Fashion interested me since I was a teenager and I had some experience as a fashion model in Czech Republic but mainly I was working as a manager in a fashion store. I got frustrated because of lots of work for no money and needed a change in my life. I always liked art pictures, even nude art, so I thought maybe I could work in that kind of business. I saw an ad in the paper and went to a meeting. The guy showed me some photos of porn productions and said he could offer me jobs. I was shocked and left very upset.
The next day I came back and he offered me quite some money for hardcore photos and videos. As a manager I made much less, so I decided to give it a try, accepted the offer and that’s how it all started.

My first Video production

In my first video I had to play a secretary. The male partner was one of the world’s best known porn actors, Rocco Siffredi.

Rocco liked me and especially my ass and therefore really enjoyed fucking me doggystyle. You can see this video in my members area.

my second video production

In the next job on the same day I had a black guy with a huge cock as partner and had to give him a blowjob before he fucked me hard and deep anal.

This was quite an experience for a beginner like me!

From then on I worked almost every day all over Europe for national and international productions. They put me also often on the DVD covers. Below is a small selection.

I performed in hundreds of videos and photo shootings. Some were quite well produced and others did not really meet my expectations.

Of the better shootings you can enjoy some sets in my members club.

The guys did not only like my sexy body and beautiful face, some said that “my ass drives them crazy and that they wanted to fuck me hard from behind”. As it was normal in porn they came on my face or in my mouth.

It was not a surprise that they wanted to see my backside also in photo shootings very often.

I became known for my preference for interracial sex. I really liked black guys and enjoyed being in front of the camera with them.

“So, young Francesca was very busy” you could really say. I had many jobs because I was reliable, tried always to give my best and was open for special ideas.

The guys liked to work with me because as they explained “we can really fuck you hard and long and we enjoy giving it to you really hard doggystyle”.

I like intense sex and many productions show it e.g. this one above.


The quality though was often not how I imagined it. After some years I got quite tired and also frustrated about the general lack of style and quality. There were exceptions, of course, but not many. This was one of the reasons why I later stopped working for these kind of productions. You can read more about this soon in my next blogposts, Why I left the porn business and Why I started my own productions.

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  1. Ivan 27. February 2017

    Great to read some notes on your personal perspective! I was a huge fan of yours – from when I was 17 (I saw your scene for the first time then) up to now when I’m 30. Your looks and style in videos and photos crated so much nice moments in my life (mentally cheating some of my girlfriends using them:) ). But what about a lot of movies made for eromaxx, later tainster – any comment on this period of life? Some of those are my favorite, and I specially liked your dress styles…

    • Francesca 27. February 2017 — Post Author

      Ivan, thanks for your comment. In a few days the continuation “Why I left the porn business” will be published and there I will explain further and comment also about the movies you mentioned.

  2. Damian 27. February 2017

    Hi Francesca,
    I like your movies very much,because you are very special pornostar…
    wish you all the best.. 😉

    • Francesca 28. February 2017 — Post Author

      Thanks Damian,
      Have you seen my new productions? Which one do you like the most?

  3. Visoflex 28. February 2017

    Hello Francesca,
    I normally do not go mainstream adult movies which do not the artistic appeal, of say a Andrew Blake, Michael Ninn, early john Stagliano or even Roy Stuart. Sweet heart, when are we going to stuff like that from you?

    Your top photograph, just make me go boom!… wonder I like Czech women or those from Central and Eastern Europe. Truly amazing.

    Love to you, from London, UK

    • Francesca 28. February 2017 — Post Author

      Short movies like e.g. Andrew Blake I have produced already and they’re available for my VIP Members.
      The DANGEROUS GAMES and DARK DESIRES episodes are to be continued.
      I will introduce some of the already produced ones in one of my next blogposts.

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